Brooke Elizabeth Bien - LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Florida State University 2011


You may be struggling with feeling worried, sad and out of control in your life due to daily stress or past trauma/loss, or you may be struggling with managing your child's behaviors and emotions and feel you have tried everything you know of to help them. As a therapist with several years of experience in working with children, families and adults, I strive to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for all of my clients to express their feelings, heal from their pain and learn about themselves, their abilities and their strengths.

I specialize in working with young children who have trouble listening, controlling their behaviors and expressing or managing their feelings of worry, anger or sadness. The therapeutic techniques I use are research-based and rooted in the power of play for children and the importance of repairing and healing relationships.

My style of counseling is innovative in that I work (or play) with the parent and the child together and provide feedback on their interactions and relationships. I make every effort to ensure you are comfortable and have what you need to relax in session.