Justin Bollingmo - LMFT


Licensed Marriage & Family Theapist


University of Florida 2014

Masters of Education


I practice from a person-centered approach. I believe in following three core principles: empathy, accountability, and non-judgement. By following these principles, I create an open and safe environment for my clients to express themselves and feel understood. Instead of providing direct solutions I empower the client to solve their own problems using me as a guide. Together we work toward a solution to the problems they are facing.


I believe we are constantly changing and moving to become our optimal self. By making the steps toward counseling clients are already beginning that change. Throughout sessions we can explore what you wish to address, and by doing so we can work on improving the aspects of your life you wish to change.


I am experienced in working with children, adolescents, and their families. Though I am experienced in individual therapy, my passion lies in family systems. I believe that real change begins with the family. By working with the entire system growth is able to occur. So many people engage in therapy making amazing changes for themselves, but return to a system in which they are the only ones that have grown. By engaging in family therapy the entire system is able to create change for the better.


I also enjoy working with the LGBTQ+ population and would be honored to provide a safe space for clients looking to engage in therapy, regardless if their presenting concerns are sexuality based. I know how hard it can be to find a provider who is nonjudgmental and understands the struggles you face in today’s society. I have training in gay affirmative therapy, LGBT relationships, and transgender clients so rest assured you will find someone who you can feel safe with.


Regardless of your presenting issue I promise to provide a safe, welcome environment where you can challenge yourself and grow.