What is ADHD


ADHD is a common childhood disorder, and it may affect children differently. It makes it hard for a child to focus and pay attention. Some kids may be hyperactive or have trouble being patient. ADHD can make it hard for a child to do well in school or behave at home.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD has many symptoms. Some symptoms at first may look like normal behaviors for a child, but ADHD makes them much worse and occur more often. Children with ADHD have at least six symptoms that start in the first five or six years of their lives.

Children with ADHD may:

· Get distracted easily and forget things often

· Switch too quickly from one activity to the next

· Have trouble with directions

· Daydream too much

· Have trouble finishing tasks like homework or chores

· Lose toys, books, and school supplies often

· Fidget and squirm a lot

· Talk nonstop and interrupt people

· Run around a lot

· Touch and play with everything they see

· Be very impatient

· Blurt out inappropriate comments

· Have trouble controlling their emotions.

Adults can have ADHD too:

Many adults have ADHD and don’t know they have it. Like ADHD in children and teens, ADHD in adults can make life challenging. ADHD can make it hard for adults to feel organized, stick with a job, or get to work on time. Adults with ADHD may have trouble in relationships. The disorder can also make adults feel restless.

ADHD in adults can be diagnosed and treated. For some adults, finding out they have ADHD can be a big relief. Being able to connect ADHD to longtime problems helps adults understand that they can get better. If you’re an adult and think you may have ADHD symptoms, call your doctor.