Family Counseling

Family Therapy

Some families have situations which throw them off their feet, while other families have experienced major problems which keep them from having the happy, healthy family they want. Some families come into counseling to prevent a problem from occurring and others come in to correct a problem from the past. Family therapy brings family members together to solve their shared problems. It is based on the belief that families are the single most powerful resources available to individuals attempting to cope successfully with major issues or even those caused by society. By allowing families to harness and strengthen existing resources, and by helping family members work collaboratively toward inventive solutions to tough problems, family therapy has proven to be of great benefit to people at times of major life stress.

How to deal with a family member’s unhealthy drinking

So many of us have been there. Rather than looking forward to family gatherings, we start to dread them, knowing that things might get awkward (at best) and downright traumatic (if things escalate) around family members who drink too much.

When your relatives are engaging in behaviors that negatively affect those around them, it can be paralyzing.

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