Louisa Etheredge - LMHC

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor


M.Ed. in Counselor Education – University of North Florida 12/1987

B.A. in Psychology – University of North Florida – 12/1979


Sharing personal information with someone new can be difficult. During my years of counseling I have observed the many benefits individuals experience when overcoming their initial reluctance, seek help and feel the relief that comes from sharing intimate concerns with a caring, knowledgeable professional. Problems such as anxiety, depression or addiction can be overwhelming but becoming aware of feelings and beliefs that underlie these problems, along with the resources that can bring healing gives people hope. I believe my professional & life history have enabled me to provide meaningful therapeutic experiences for others.

I have worked over 25 years with people having mood disorders; addictions and family dysfunction including marital and parenting problems. Other areas include, stress management, employment and management problems, Christian counseling, military and trauma related issues. I use a variety of techniques including Family Systems, CBT and Gestalt techniques.

I also have experience in addictions & codependency; including familiarity with 12-Step programs like AA, NA, & Alanon. I work with DBT Skill Development on an individual basis & am certified in Stress Management. I hope this information will encourage anyone who feels they can benefit from my skills & experience to reach out and call for assistance.