All therapist are available for telehealth during the Covid-19 crisis.

Over the years, Mandarin Counseling has worked hard to provide access to quality mental health counseling services by our caring, experienced and licensed professionals. The rapid development and use of the Internet, to deliver information and foster communication, has resulted in thousands of therapist now providing E-Counseling via real-time web cam.

Online counseling e-therapy – is when a professional licensed counselor talks with you over the internet, to give you emotional support, mental health advice or some other professional service. E-therapy directly addresses a major problem uncovered by the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health (1999) which stated that while one American in five has a diagnosable psychological problem, nearly two-thirds of them never seek treatment.

You may be someone who is seeking E-Therapy due to:

  • convenience, your busy schedule, you’re a business traveler or have fear of driving
  • you have limited physical mobility,  limited transportation or seek a more private appointment
  • you need delivery of services at your place of residence or employment, or due to a geographic separation of you and your partner.
  • extreme anxiety, panic attacks

It’s private, very flexible, accommodating and provided to you by skilled, professional therapists licensed by Florida’s department of Health. You may choose a few counseling interactions in a short period of time or numerous interactions over an extended period.