Tia March - LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Florida State University


Welcome to Mandarin Counseling

Raising children is not easy. Whether they are 5, 10 or 15 years old, challenges can arise. While understanding the demands of being a parent (and a kid) in this day and age, I take a straightforward approach to address difficulties head on. I work with parents to gain a better understanding of how they can improve their child's quality of life while simultaneously finding fun, creative, and engaging ways to teach youth coping strategies to use at home and school. Having worked with children and adolescents for the last 27 years, I possess great skills in connecting with youth of any age.

Children and adolescents often develop challenging behaviors as a way of expressing their inner thoughts and feelings that they don't always have the words to explain. I help give youth a voice through creating a safe, trusting environment where they feel safe to explore emotions, share thoughts, and develop solutions.

In life, there are times that we all experience some difficulty. It is during these times that we need someone to talk to, someone who listens well, is non-judgmental, able to guide us towards finding solutions that will work for our circumstances and then assist us in implementing those solutions to improve our lives. I would be honored to be that “someone” for you and your family.

Thank you for your consideration. You may call (904) 260-0454 or email me at tmarch@mandarincounseling.com